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How to Run without Getting Tired 

When you’re preparing for a triathlon, you have to make sure that you’re using the right techniques even in running. While it may seem like a very easy and simple exercise, running for longer and longer periods of time without getting tired can pose a serious challenge for most triathletes.   Let’s discuss a few important tips and insights that can help you avoid that sudden fit of exhaustion and help you run for longer without getting tired mid-way. Reaching the finishing line isn’t as hard as you think. You will have mastered it after some practice if you use the […]


What is a Runner’s Knee and How can you avoid it?

Runner’s knee is a fairly common condition in athletes, and it can be very painful and distressing. If you want to understand what causes a runner’s knee and how it can be possibly avoided, this article can help. Let’s first understand what exactly causes Runner’s knee and why it is so painful and debilitating. Your knee is formed where your thigh bone joins your two shin bones. Those three bones are connected by a small bony cap called the patella. The dynamic functions of your knee are actually maintained by a variety of ligaments and tendons connecting all of the […]


5 Tips to Perfect Your Swimming for a Triathlon

Swimming can be one of the most intimidating challenges that triathlon athlete face. As you step into the competition, there are 5 skills that can help you stay confident about your swimming. None of these skills are very hard to grasp. You will get a very easy-to-follow set of instructions about all of them in this article.  Skill 1 – Breathing The first most important problem that swimmers across the globe face – how to maintain a breathing pattern favourable for swimming during the exercise? The first thing that comes to mind when you think about diving into water is […]