Author: Elliott Davidson

How to Swim Faster

One of the biggest misunderstandings about swimming pace is that in order to swim, you have to move your arms faster. The truth is that in order to win, you have to pull more water instead of moving your arms through the water like a windmill. Moving your arms through the water like windmills will not get you to the other end of the pool faster, they will get you there more exhausted and burned out. There are many ways to improve your technique and learn how to swim faster. A great way to start off is by streamlining your […]

Improve your Running Speed

Improving your running speed can pose a challenge for your athletic career. It is common for athletes to struggle with this. In this article, we will be sharing a few tips to help you overcome this challenge and increase your running speed successfully.  Increase Run Volume When it comes to running, a lot of people have a very little range which means that there is a very small difference between their steady run pace and top-end speed. The idea behind increasing increasing your run volume is to not only improve your aerobic health but also to increase your running efficiency […]

How to run a sub 20 minute 5km race?

Whether you’re an experienced runner who has been to several marathons or you are pretty new to the running game, running a 5k in 20 minutes is an achievable goal. However, it is a serious barrier for many runners, and it can be quite hard to achieve. But we are here to give you some useful tips to help you cross that barrier. It is completely normal to feel anxious by the sub 20 minute challenge and you will probably have the typical fears and doubts: How can I run that fast for so long? I’m a very slow runner, […]

How to Breathe Effectively While Swimming – A Guide for Beginners

Breathing is a natural phenomenon. It is a very essential and basic part of our everyday lives. We breathe 24 hours a day and have been breathing since we were born. But why does it get so challenging for us during swimming?  Breathing issues and sinking legs are the two most common challenges faced by athletes worldwide. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks for breathing efficiently and naturally while swimming or being underwater. Here’s the problem. As soon as you hold your breath and get underwater, all the oxygen from the air that you […]

How to Run Properly – The Right Running Posture

We were born to run. However, this statement might be far from the truth to some of us. Running is something that doesn’t come naturally to all of us. It is something that we are never exactly taught about. When you are an athlete and running means more to you than just a routine activity, you need to start paying attention to your running technique. It is very important in order to help you avoid injuries and perform at your best. “When you get into running, you should start slow and easy and be conscious of your running form,” says […]

How to Dive – A Step-by-Step Guide

The dive start is one of the most important parts of the triathlon, and you can master it by following this detailed guide. It can tell you what to do and what to avoid, and it also breaks the process down into steps to help you practice it. Prevent Goggle Straps from Slipping Off Many triathletes face this issue as soon as they dive. Trying to fix your goggles as tightly as possible is obviously the first solution that everyone thinks of. However, you should take care to not pull them too tight over your eyes. Another thing that you […]

How to Run Properly

Running is a very basic skill, but it can become much harder than it has to be if your technique is not on point. It’s true that although many of us feel comfortable running, this skill doesn’t come naturally to everyone.  Being confident, comfortable, and energetic in your running posture is a very important determinant of your success as an athlete. In this article, we’re going to revisit the basics of running and help everyone get onboard with the right technique and running form.  A poor running gait is quite obvious, and it is very easy to see what’s going […]

Common Running Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Many runners make some of these very common mistakes. When it’s just a leisure activity, you might be able to ignore or get away with these. However, being an athlete, every subtle change makes a difference. You have to pay attention to all of these details to make sure that you’re performing at your best. Pay Attention to Footwear Most people take 1000 to 2000 steps per mile when they are running. That means that a 10-kilometer run would include 12,420 steps in total. That involves a lot of pounding with your trainers on a surface. The cushioning and grip […]